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This is a warning to all parents school committee members or any business planning to work with this company... DON'T. The owners flat out shafted my kids school literally hours before the actual event was to take place... which is 20 hours away. They said that their school event didn't matter because they have many other schools to deal with. They basically said without me posting any colorful words that they don't have a problem taking the kids money and running away with it...and this was the least of the insults they said. Complete Douche-bag Jerks.


If you are a school board or parent teacher committee member you should consider removing this company from your board approved list of companies.

If you are a member of the Media or are a parent that just does not like hearing about companies who like to screw with kids please share this...twitter it.. email it.. whatever.


because it could be your kids school and your money next on the list going to this company.

Very annoyed DAD,

Brian Javier


To the very vulgar and condescending woman and man I spoke to over the phone from Fiesta4kids... I know your reading this via Facebook or twitter or email by now... this is not over. Expect more social media campaigns from myself and the parents of all those kids you screwed today who will be very vocal once they find out what you did. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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All these comments people are writing are probably true because I use FESTA4KIDS two weeks age and was truly disappointed with the professionalism of this company (FIESTA4KIDS).I was forced to cancel many equipment due to the horrible rainy weather, which had notably bothered the lady that runs the company, which thereafter she had treated me with no class.They had sent me the wrong mascot to my sons birthday party, which had ruined the highlight of my party!

I knew that was done on purpose because i had cancelled some equipment, i cannot understand how a company can do this to a customer! I did not get my money back after various attempts complaining. To add to the nightmare, they forced me to pick up chairs and tables i had rented, driving 20km in two trips in horrible raining weather!

Its a total shame what i went through that this company does not take in account and responsible for their actions!This company is TERRIBLE and does not care about the needs of their customers, but rather the money that goes into their pocket.

to Awaring to all parents stay aw #786925

Lack of Professionalism.


Why not take them to small claims court? It would be a good lesson to show the children what happens when someone cheats.

to bigsam Toronto, Ontario, Canada #665777

Good Afternoon,

I Actually sending BRIAN JAVIER to small court This person is just inventing all this story what never something like this happens ( defamation, and misuse of property)

I Think he is enjoy this so much .




All my reviews are real

My the ones you are doing and what are you doing is not real( you are creating false histories about everything and lying and that is not in a good faith.

You are enjoying this and is fine but remember all acts in life have consequence.

Please don't treat me any more i will appreciate that.


to bigsam Toronto, Ontario, Canada #665778

Good Afternoon,

I Actually sending BRIAN JAVIER to small court This person is just inventing all this story what never something like this happens ( defamation, and misuse of property)

I Think he is enjoy this so much .




"I booked a spiderman from FIESTA4KIDS and he was awful.A young man who looked like a teenager showed up.

The spiderman lacked a personality could not keep the kids attention.My husband had to put on a spiderman movie so the children would not destroy my basement."

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